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Short about Drewnogród:
solid company, solid products

Drewnogód is a proven and reliable supplier. Everything we do, we try to do perfectly.
Our build quality is based on 3 unchanging foundations.

Joy of children, safety of devices, satisfaction of the ordering party.
These three components of excellence have set us apart from the very beginning,
and they guide our every action.



We know that Drewnogród's customers are not only those who buy our devices, but those who use them. We always remember that. They, the youngest users, are in our memory when we design and assemble every detail.



We know that designing playgrounds is a serious matter. A well-planned and constructed square is to enjoy and develop children, and never be a threat. It must be robust, meet all relevant standards and protect children of all ages. Having fun is safe fun.



The buyer who orders or collects an order from us should always be satisfied. This is our ambition and strategic goal that we have been successfully implementing for 20 years. We have such satisfied customers all over the country. We are proud of their satisfaction and recommendations.

Our History

We are a team with extensive experience. Having operated for the third decade, we become a company
multi-generational and we combine the best of both the new and the traditional approach.

vertical line
2000 - 2020

The emergence and development of Drewnogrod

The Drewnogród company was established on February 1, 2000. It is a team of specialists in the design, production and assembly of playground equipment and projects from A to Z. From the very beginning, we focused on the highest safety, excellent usability, ergonomics as well as recreational and health benefits of the designed equipment.

Playgrounds are a very serious matter for us. While playing, children practice motor coordination and gain fitness that will last for life. It is a huge responsibility for the contractor of the square.

Our playgrounds were initially made of wood and steel. In the interests of ecology, we have introduced innovative devices with an aluminum structure that can be 100% recycled. Our idea met with a positive response from domestic and foreign customers.

2000 - today

In 2020, the Drewnogród brand is one of the leading manufacturers of playgrounds, but the future is the most important for us, not the glory of twenty years of success. Our customers are moving forward, and so are we.

The new brand is Atlanso - a short, simple word that we proudly introduce to foreign markets. It is a signal of our versatility and development.

Drewnogród is wood and successes all over Poland. Atlanso means new technologies and going out to Europe. This is how we see it and implement this vision every day.


Dynamic development

The new Atlanso brand allowed us to take full advantage of new technologies, expand the scale of operations and respond to the needs of new customers.

We are convinced that our story has only just begun.

Our proposal

If you are looking for a proven playground contractor, this is important to you the child's well-being and you value care, browse through the offer of Drewnogród and write to us. Every good cooperation started sometime with the first contact.

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Our references

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We will take care of everything that is needed so that you and the children will be satisfied with our square for many years.

We invite you to cooperation!

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